Top 5 Travel Backpacks

Fabric holes, broken zippers, cramped pockets and uncomfortable straps. Sounds like a recipe for an enjoyable, stress-free trip, doesn’t it? Don’t leave for your next adventure without a perfect backpack.

Travel Computer Bag by Mancro


Some travelers may know all too well those feelings of nagging discontent while navigating a foreign city or country. Is your phone battery going to last long enough to get you to your hostel? Are your passport and wallet secure? There are plenty of considerations to make before setting out and something as simple as the color of your pack could put you in danger. According to a report by ABCNews thieves love the color black. Experts claim the best course of action is to make your back identifiable by unique color or other markers. This Mancro bag is your answer and offers much more than your average Jansport (sorry Jansport!). It has the safety and color selection you’ll need to stay secure. At $28.99, free shipping and seven color varieties, it’s a great buy.  


  • Dedicated laptop compartment for 15.6”, 15”, 14’, and 13” inch computers.
  • Theft proof combination lock
  • Built in USB external charging port
  • 9 inner small pockets and two secure outer pockets
  • Waterpropellent durable nylon and padded shoulder straps.

Travel Laptop Bag by Matein

This bag is another beautifully made and wonderfully functional travel piece. It shares a lot of the same features as the Mancro bag but has a few you might not expect (and for just a dollar more!). At $29.99 it also comes in seven colors.


  • Water resistant, durable polyester with airflow designed back panel made of soft, thick venitaled padding
  • Storage compartment for laptop (15”.6, 15”, 14”, 13” inches)
  • Luggage strap that allows for secure attachment to suitcase handle
  • Main compartment pocket, front zipping pocket, hanging clips, sturdy handle and adjustable straps
  • Exterior USB port and interior charging cable

TSA Friendly Extra Large Backpack by Yorepek

“TSA friendly” is an awesome selling feature for those of you who hate to bother with pesky and tedious security lines. This bag boasts that it allows for easy display of your laptop due to its “lay-flat” design. Although it’s available in only two colors (both black) it also offers bright and easy to identify color swatches in teal and red. Currently listing for $39.99 and free shipping!


  • USB port with charging cable for easy access to charge your phone, kindle or laptop
  • Headphone holes for easy listening
  • Large carrying capacity (19.4*10.4*14.96 inches with a laptop pocket that holds 17”-13” inch devices)
  • More than 20 pockets for organizing all your items
  • Durable materials made from breathable mesh plus secure padded straps

Carry On Travel Pack by AmazonBasics


This is another great go-to when deciding which bag best suits your needs. Carry on bags can save you time and offer great convenience (no long waits at the luggage collection area) and can get you to and from your destination faster. It’s advertised in three rich colors and a worthwhile price tag of $48.99.


  • Internal zippered laptop sleeve
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable quality polyester with external and internal straps to secure your clothing and other belongings
  • Zippered mesh compartment, top and front pockets for quick access
  • Removable waist belt, sternum strap, comfortable padded shoulder straps and great exterior handles
  • Main compartment size of 5.5 by 13 to 14 by 21.5 inches (LxWxH)

Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart by Swiss Gear

With a design that allows your bag to lay flat for easy access and scanning; This bag is a great companion for those that want a quick and hasslefree TSA check. It’s available in 9 different colors and is selling for $54.99.


  • Weather-resistant, ballistic polyester that is crafted for harsh conditions and heavy use by the consumer
  • Laptop (up to 17” inches) and iPod compartment that offers quick access.
  • “ScanSmart” design that allows for quick-open hassle-free TSA checks
  • Front pocket for notebooks, keys, phone or wallet and two side compartments for umbrellas, water bottles and other necessities
  • Mesh contoured straps and a fantastic padded and ventilated back that provides support and comfort for the wearer.

There you have it. Hopefully one of these bags is the perfect fit for you and your travels. Bon voyage!